Lining Women's Badminton Shoes [PINK] AYAK018-9

Lining Women's Badminton Shoes [PINK] AYAK018-9

  • Brand: LI NING
  • Product Code: AYAK018-9
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Li-Ning PREMIUM women's badminton shoes in pink camo with white and dark blue accents. Synthetic leather and textile upper with non-marking gum rubber sole. Sizes listed above are in US (North America) and millimeters. Standard width.

Ideal women’s badminton shoe for NATIONAL level players. 


  • COMFORT: 10/10
  • STABILITY: 10/10
  • DURABILITY: 10/10
  • AVERAGE WEIGHT (per shoe): 9.0oz | 256g


A soft cushion is strategically placed in the primary impact areas of the badminton shoe. This helps to protect the foot and provides extra shock absorption and support resulting in the most comfortable shoe possible.

Additional cushions are adding to the insole to provide even more comfort and protection.

A light weight, super strong carbon fiber reinforcement is installed in the badminton shoe sole to protect the arch from collapsing when lunging and jumping. It also reduces the overall weight of the shoe for faster movement and increased agility. Vents in the shank allow heat to escape from the insole to keep your feet dry and cool.

A rigid support is built into the arch to provide superior foot protection and stability during each and every step. In addition to protecting the arch, it reduces fatigue and helps to maintain a higher level of athletic performance.

The use of a special composite rubber in key areas of the sole provides extra durability and higher rebound characteristic than ordinary materials. Bounce technology also assists in foot propulsion by providing better traction while reducing loss of energy during dynamic movements.

Li-Ning styles and colors change every spring and fall. When the quantities and sizes shown here are sold out, this item will no longer be available again.

Li-Ning US shoe sizes are typically a half size smaller when compared to Yonex US shoe sizes. For example, if you wear a Yonex US size 7 shoe, we recommend that you purchase Li-Ning US size 7.5 shoe. Please click on the shoe size chart link above for the most accurate sizing information.

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