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A place for badminton, pickleball and gymnastics

Progress Recreation Centre is located in Scarborough area.

Because Progress can be multipurpose, it offers three main activities to the community: badminton, pickle ball and gymnastics.

Progress is striving to become the largest and most diversified badminton club in the GTA area and offers various activities for all ages in the community.

In the long term, we would like to focus on the effectiveness of youth development Program, Senior Program and community-based programs.


Badminton Classes

* Badminton Private Lesson
* Badminton Adult Group Lesson
* Badminton Youth Group Lesson
Please Check www.badmintonto.comfor more information

Badminton Summer Camp and Winter Camp Program

*Summer Camp: First Day of July to Last Day of August
*Winter Camp: Last Week of the year

Pickleball Classes

Please contact mikelivie1244@gmail.com for more information

Contact Us

COURT RENTAL: (647)-901-1562
BADMINTON LESSON: (647)-984-0820
Web: www.badmintontoronto.com
Location: 291 Progress Ave, Scarborough, ON
Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday 9:00 AM - 11:PM

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